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Submitted on
February 3, 2008
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“Alright, mom and dad are gone and it’s going to be just the two of us together.” said the older sister Carie. “What are we going to do?” asked the younger sister Marie. Carie was older sister at 14. She had brown hair done in a braid and eyes blue like the ocean. She was currently wearing a white shirt with brown pants. Marie was the younger sister at 7. She had black hair down into pigtails and eyes green like grass. She was currently wearing a red shirt with blue pants.

Carie walked into the garage and came back out with an armload of food. She put the food on the kitchen table and walks out to the garage for another load. Marie watched her sister curiously as she kept getting more food from the garage. “What’s all the food for?” she asked when her sister finish. Carie turned toward her and gave her a smile. “Belly stuffing.” she answered.

Marie tilted her head sideways. “What’s belly stuffing?” she asks. “Belly stuffing is when you eat a lot of food to make your belly really big. It’s something I found out from my friends.” Carie explains. “You know Sarah?” Marie nods her head. “Well, I once saw her do it and it was awesome. Her belly looked like she swallowed 5 watermelons.” Carie told her. “Wow.” Marie said amazed because she knew watermelons were big and 5 put together made them really big.

“So, who’s going to do the belly stuffing?” asked Marie. “Both of us are. I’ll be able to eat more because of bigger, but you should be able to eat a lot too if you tried.” answered Carie. She grabs a cantaloupe and hands Marie some oranges. “We’re going to eat all of the food on this table.” said Carie. Marie looked at the table which was pile high with all kinds of food. “We’re going to eat all of that?” she asked. “Yes, we are. Neither of us can do it alone so we need to work together. Okay?” asked Carie.

Marie nodded and smiled. “Okay.” she agreed. “Good. Then, let’s start.” said Carie, biting into the cantaloupe. Marie eats the oranges in her hands. They start taking food from the table and eating it at their normal pace. After a few minutes Marie stopped and groaned. Carie looks at her sister while chewing. “Are you okay?” she asks. “I’m too full to continue. My belly hurts if I eat more.” said Marie. “You probably shouldn’t do this. I’ll eat as much as I can and you can finish up if you want.” said Carie. She smiled at Marie as she took another cantaloupe.

Marie nodded and sat back to watch her sister clean off the table. She watches in amazement as her sister’s belly expands over the next hour. Carie stopped when the table was holding 1/3 of the food it started with. Carie sat in a chair and pulled up her shirt to show off her belly to her sister. Her belly looked like she was pregnant with 6 babies which she rubbed happily.

Marie stared at Carie’s belly. “Doesn’t it hurt?” she asked a bit worried. “Yeah, it hurts a little. It hurts when you get full, but once you eat past that point you’re able to eat a lot without feeling pain. It actually feels good when your belly is stuffed.” replied Carie. Marie looked between her sister and the table. Marie walks over to the table and starts eating even though she’s still full. “If big sis can do, I can do it too.” she said. Carie smiled at her sister.

After about half an hour Marie managed to finish of the rest of the food leaving the table bare. “I did it.” she gasps. Marie walked over to the living and sat on the couch. She was rubbing her swollen belly which got pretty big for her size. Since Marie was half the size of Carie, her belly was only half as big as her sister’s, but it was still pretty big for a little girl. Carie walks in and sits next to her younger sister. “What do we do now?” asked Marie. “Now, we just relax and let our bellies digest the food.” answered Carie.

Marie looked a bit worried and Carie noticed. “What’s wrong?” she asks. “Aren’t mom and dad going to get mad about all the food we ate?” asked Marie. “Don’t worry. I got money saved up for this night. Mom and dad will be gone for the weekend, so that gives me plenty of time to replace the food we ate. Mom and dad won’t ever know we did belly stuffing. It’ll be a secret between you and me.” Carie said with a smile. Marie smiled back at her.

“Carie, how long will it be before our bellies return to normal?” asked Marie. “It will be about a couple of days if we don’t eat.” answered Carie. “Though, since you’re smaller you’ll be able to recover faster while it’ll take me longer to recover.” Marie yawned because all that food was making her sleepy. She leans on her sister who doesn’t mind. “I want to do this again so it I can get bigger then you.” said Marie. “Yeah, we’ll do it again. Don’t know when, but we’ll do it again and see who the better stuffer is.” Carie responses with a yawn. In a few minutes that both fall asleep on the couch.
This is a story about to sibings doing belly stuffing. I picked the names they had becaused they rhymed. I hope you enjoy. The characters in the story belong to me because I made them up.
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